About Me

The Visual Arts Industry is an exciting and ever-changing one, overflowing with novel ideas and people who are genuinely passionate about their work.

By working with me, you tap into the talent of an award-winning published artist who is passionate about what he does. I am conversational in German and Japanese, catered to a variety of clientele, and brought various indie titles through production.

Currently, I work as a full-time as an illustrator - designing programs and products for clients such as Microsoft, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Hershey's, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Mount Vernon, and others.


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*Selected for William & Mary's President's collection - Artwork featured in the Dean of Student's Office

*Three-time feature of artwork on the cover of the Winged Nation Literary Magazine (2012, 2013. 2014)

As seen in: Winged Nation Literary Magazine (2012, 2013, 2014), Paranormal (Game), An Age of Sword and Arrow, Neil Gaiman's Calender of Tales, Ugly Truth Anti-Smoking Campaign

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